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The new MacBook Pro will arrive on October 27th

Apple October 27 MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro will arrive this month with USB-C included and no MagSafe. The 11-inch Air will be replaced.

We wondered if Apple would release the new MacBook Pro on schedule and it seems that these will be respected. There is great news for October 27, during the Apple event.

New Macbook Pro 2018 technical features and price revealed

Meanwhile, to deceive the expectation of those who can't wait to buy a new Apple-branded device, further information and details on the models were obtained, obtained from a Chinese source, in detail a trusted supplier of the Cupertino company.

In addition to the release, apparently confirmed for October, the mysterious informant has made it known that the new MacBook Pro will have support for USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. As for the other ports, the old USB will be abandoned as well as MagSafe and Thunderbolt 2.It should also come production and distribution of the 11-inch MacBook Air line suspended, but the 13-inch line will be kept on the market.

Apple is planning to introduce an OLED bar in the new MacBook Pro, accompanying them to a more subtle design. The long-awaited and certainly MacBook Pro line when the official announcement on the definitive release date will be announced, many will rejoice in it. Meanwhile, many still argue that it is not so unlikely a slip to 2017, but we like to think that those who rumbled on October 27th were not mistaken.

Apple October 27 MacBook Pro