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The new Hewlett Packard.

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The new Hewlett Packard. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

This was the first week of life of the "new" HP, or the company born from the integration between Compaq and Hewlett-Packard. The new "bridge" site is henceforth the only access point (except local sites, such as Italian ones, which are still slow to absorb integration) for information relating to the former two companies. In the table below we summarize how the two "brands" will almost always be traced back to the new HP brand, except in some cases, such as the PC sector soho where Compaq is very well known, the HP laptop sector will remain on the market for another year.All other Compaq products either disappear (immediately or in the medium term) or move the valid technologies into the HP products that improve with this integration. The new HP will support the Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems and will develop for both J2EE and MS.NET. After all, the Compaq iPAQ line is the only one to be saved, with honor, in the entire price list. the Texan company, PCs survive above all for "brand honor" and the server line carries on the legacy of Digital with Alpha which we know was practically sold to Intel for the integration of the technology in Itanium.HP cancels its PDA line and NetServer as well as some low-relevance products such as projectors and wireless systems that Compaq brings with a greater blazon.

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