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The new Google keyboard helps you write in Braille

La nuova tastiera Google aiuta a scrivere in braille

Google is launching a new keyboard in these hours that will allow blind and partially sighted users to type in Braille without any additional hardware. The keyboard Braille TalkBack integrated directly into Android, so it will work on any app, whether the user is typing on social media, or whether he is replying to a text message or in an email.

Google says the keyboard will be familiar to anyone who has already typed in Braille. Once TalkBack is activated in the Accessibility section, simply swipe up with three fingers to open the keyboard. It has a standard six-key layout and each key represents one of the six Braille dots. At least initially, the Braille keyboard will only be available in English on Android devices with version 5.0 or later.

The new Google keyboard helps to write in braille

To date, braille typing has required users to connect an external device, which can be a waste of time when you simply want to type something quickly on the phone.

As part of its mission to make technology increasingly accessible to most, Google hopes that the Braille TalkBack keyboard will help everyone. It adds to some of the past accessibility initiatives, such as the use of AI to describe images in Chrome, Voice Access, real-time subtitles and apps such as Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.