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The MPC 7440 never in laptops

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The MPC 7440 never in laptops logomacitynet1200wide 1

The MPC 7440 processor announced yesterday by Motorola could hardly be used by Apple for a laptop. Consistent doubts and supported by some unexceptionable fact, are advanced by The Register. The skepticism of the English newspaper is based on the consumption of the chip: more than 10 watts at 600 MHz when the MPC 7410 consumes only 5 at 500 MHz. With an absorption more than double the energy compared to current chips, it is very difficult for Apple to find a way to use the processor in a next generation laptop. In addition to this, the structure of the Titanium, which uses the case for the dispersion of heat, would not be able to cope with the overheating produced by the greater consumption. Next to these considerations, certainly relevant, it must also be said that at the moment Apple must in any case, find a system to increase the clock speed of your laptops. The G4 chips in use today are not able to exceed the 500 MHz threshold but future laptops will have to do it. In front there are still a few months of life for the Titanium, but in Cupertino they have already certainly put in place an evolution of the popular laptop and will have already answered the doubts on which processor to use. There are two open roads: or a low-consumption evolution of the MPC 7450 (the chips in use in high-end PowerMacs) or a return to the past, with the use of the G3 of the iMacs. Unless Motorola or IBM have an ace up their sleeve and they pull it out at the last minute

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