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The mouse that wanted to be an iPhone

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The mouse that wanted to be an iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

An iPhone "cousin" mouse. Here is the idea that seems to blend in the heads of Apple's engineers who in the spring of 2006 (but the news only came yesterday) patented a multi-touch technology applicable to an input device.

The system, close relative also in terms of the philosophy of use of the touch-sensitive screens present in the iPhone, would give the possibility of building mice that are actually a sort of trackpad (no keys and no wheels) and capable of interpreting, precisely like the phone screen, user gestures. In practical terms, two fingers could be used to enlarge or move an image without necessarily moving the mouse. You can also imagine combinations of actions that combine "physical" movement of the mouse with the position of the fingers. The mouse would also be able to recognize the hand by reading the fingertips and change profiles according to the user. Theoretically it could also be possible to build a completely "customized" mouse by placing virtual keys and wheels according to the handle and user preferences.

The function is possible thanks to sensors placed under the surface of the external coating which identify the position of the fingers and trace their movement by transmitting it to a software that processes the data, reconstructing the paths traveled by the same fingers on a grid.

Anyone who follows the Apple house (and knows the American patent philosophy) knows that not everything that is registered as a "patent" becomes a real product.

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