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The most used filters on Snapchat: crowns of all types and change of faces

Its 3D masks make school, here are the most used of 2016

Snapchat (Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

If there is a competitive function of Snapchat, it is the photo and video filters that it provides. Even those who do not use the platform for their social offer as it would require the app give in to the temptation to see what his face would be like with the ears of a dog, with a crown on his head, with the appropriate make-up and the modified voice.

The company drew up the list of the most used ones in 2016, although it did not communicate the exact hierarchy.

Among the most popular 3D filters (Lenses) among users there were the highly popular crowns (the one with red flowers, the one with butterflies and the pink one), theor exchange of a couple's face, the filter-dog, the bee.

It's still, the swap with faces in the photo of his own camera roll, the inevitable deer, the mask that deforms the face making the expression of the sad mouth and the one that color the cheeks remained very few to blush for real, evidently.

Snapchat masks attract its 150 million users a day: they are well made, they are constantly changing and are, at the moment, the best on the market. It is no coincidence that Facebook, after drawing inspiration by launching Instagram Stories, inspired by snaps, launched on social media, and also on Messenger, stickers and new filters, but the long way.

Among the company's objectives, also to refine other proprietary technologies: recently, in fact, it has launched a new program for advertisers that uses machine learning.


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