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The most retweeted tweets of 2018 in Italy

The ranking of the most retweeted tweets of 2018: a portrait of Italians on social media and then the 30 most followed Italian accounts on Twitter, discover the data

The most retweeted tweets of 2018 say a lot about the Italians and their passions, about what moves us, what makes us like or makes us retweet a post on social media. The true measure of social success, in fact, lies in interactions, in short the number of likes or retweets is more important than, for example, the number of followers. This is why it is important to analyze the most retweeted tweets, in particular those of 2018, the current year.

tweet more retweeted italy 2018

The most retweeted tweets in Italy 2018 see football hit and the disappearance of the most beloved public figures

The most retweeted tweets of 2018: the analysis

The tweet analysis with more interactions was the most retweeted and was more like using the advanced TalkWalkerr software that examined all the tweets of Italian accounts of 2018 to compile a ranking of the most retweeted tweets in the streets.

The most retweeted tweets of 2018 in Italy

Football wins and wins, the true Italian passion is the ball game with 22 men chasing after it. In fact those on football are the most retweeted tweets of 2018 in Italy.

20) The 40-year-old BuffonThe post dedicated to Gianluigi Buffon's 40 years by Juventus collects 2,820 Retweets and 7,941 Likes and 240 comments = 11,001 interactions

19) Trashitaliano on the Royal Wedding2.767 Retweets, 8.366 Likes, 50 Comments = 11.183 Interactions Royal Wedding enters the ranking of the most retweeted tweets in Italy

18) Carr tribute to FrizziAnswers 153; Retweet 1.357; I like 10.432 = 11.942 interactions

The death of Fabrizio Frizzi has greatly affected the Italians and in the ranking more retweeted by Italian accounts in 2018, three are dedicated to the kind presenter

17) Matteo Renzi guest at #chetempochefa

Matteo Renzi who admits defeat and says he will not try to form a government enters neitweet more retweeted in 2018 and collects 1,972 retweets 8,632 likes and 2,078 comments = 12,682 interactions

16) Benji & Faith dedicates to a fan

Answers 1,249; Retweet 3,469; I like 7.914 = 12.632

15) Alessandro del Piero dedicates to Pirlowith 1,837 retweets and 10,807 likes with 157 comments = 12.801 interactions: Del Piero's dedication to Pirlo for his retreat is ranked 15 of the most retweeted tweets

14) Elio and the Stesi Tese SanremoAnswers 434; Retweet 2565; I like 10648 = 13.647

Getting to Sanremo last may not be bad, at least for Elio and Lestorie Tese who with this "success" enter the retweeted ranking of 2018.

13) Rudy Zerbi tribute to FrizziAnswers 100; Retweet 3.371; I like 10.596 = 14.067

A memory of Fabrizio Frizzi and his deputy donated to one of the most beautiful 3D threads: Toy Story enters neitweet more retweeted by Italian accounts in 2018

12) Pope Francis wishes for the Feast of the FatherAnswers 463; Retweet 2.475; I like 11.247 = 14.187

11) Inter vs LazioAnswers 328; Retweet 5687; I like 8398 = 14.413

10) Fiorello tribute to Fabrizio Frizzinow deleted

9) Fedez announces the birth of his son LeoneAnswers 569; Retweet 2043; I like 12.309 = 14.921

Only two emojis to say that Leone, the son of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, born and immediately the tweet goes in the top 10 most retweeted deitweet

8) Salvini thanks after the electionsAnswers 2.198; Retweet 2.406; I like 10.731 = 15.335

After the election results, Salvini thanks and enters the 8th most retweeted post in 2018

7) Roberto Saviano comments on the facts of MacerataAnswers 2.452; Retweet 4,567; I like 10.418 = 17.437

6) Juventus ScudettoAnswers 457; Retweet 7.555; I like 14.097 = 22.109

A Scudetto is well worth a tweet and so the 7th Scudetto in a row enters at 6 among the most retweeted itweet of 2018

5) Farewell to Buffon at JuventusAnswers 1,069; Retweet 5.595; I like 21.724 = 28.388

4) Rome vs BarcelonaAnswers 813; Retweet 10.353; I like 23.359 = 35.525

Rome's historic feat is in 4th place among the most retweeted events of 2018 in Italy.

3) Dybala Italian Cup

Answers 645; Retweet 6.233; I like 31.081 = 37.969

2) Juventus vs Real MadridAnswers 1.108; Retweets 12.241; I like 29.381 = 42.730

1) The death of Davide Astori captain of FiorentinaThe premature death of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori is the first of the most retweeted tweets of 2018, a great pain that saw all football fans united, beyond cheering

Replies 6,473; Retweet 84.806; I like 158.303 = 259.582

Tweets more retwitt 2018 in Italy

Football, we said it dominates in the most popular tweets in Italy in 2018, 8 out of 20 of the posts in the rankings concern the sport most loved by Italians, or as much as 40%. The disappearance of people loved by Italians represents 20% in the Tweet ranking.

The most followed Italian accounts on Twitter

Below is a list of Italian Twitter accounts with the most followers among those who have received more engagement (retweet + like) in the last year. Thanks to the TalkWalker analysis, the profiles that over the last 12 farms generated more interactions on social networks and were sorted by number of followers were identified. Also in this case football dominates: 50% of the 30 Italian accounts most followed on Twitter belongs to this world: they are teams or players. The first account not linked to football is that of Valentino Rossi (3rd), followed by Pope Francis at 4, Jovanotti at 5 and Mattero Renzi at 6, from 7 to 11 are all footballers or former footballers, while at 12th place is the TV program Le Iene.

1) ACMilan – 6.77M2) JuventusFC – 6.07M3) Valentino Rossi – 5.66M4) Pope Francis – 4.96M5) Jovanotti – 3.94M6) Matteo Renzi – 3.44M7) Gianluigi Buffon – 3.2M8) Andrea Pirlo – 2.78M9) Alessandro Del Piero – 2.52M10) Giorgio Chiellini – 2.41M11) Carlo Ancelotti – 2.36M12) The Hyenas – 2.22M13) Claudio Marchisio – 2.04M14) Fedez – 2.01M15) Roberto Saviano – 1.71M16) AS Roma – 1.66M17) Inter – 1.6M18 ) Official SSC Napoli – 1.37M19) Rosario Fiorello – 1.35M20) Mauro Icardi – 1.33M21) Paulo Dybala – 1.19M22) TIM Serie A – 1.18M23) Leonardo Bonucci – 1.55M24) Michele Bravi – 904K25) Rudy Zerbi – 912K26) Emis Killa – 901K27) Wild Lucarelli – 857K28) God – 806K29) Matteo Salvini – 729K30) Alessandro Florenzi – 657K

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