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The most famous social mothers on the Web

Here are the most famous moms on the web according to SEMrush. They are the most sought after social moms by Italians, here is the Top 5

Here are the most famous moms of the web according to SEMrush: on the occasion of Mother's Day, SEMrush, a platform for managing online visibility, has conducted a study dedicated to VIP Italian mothers.

Most famous social mothers on the web

Moms Social most famous of the web: in first place Lorena Bianchetti

Most of them are obviously known thanks to their main activities (the show, the sport,) but the fact that they are mothers also attracts a large audience.

Interestingly, in the TOP 3 of the most sought-after moms on the web there are women who have decided to have a child later in life. This fact seems to stimulate people's curiosity: perhaps we are not yet accustomed to the fact that women give birth later. Here instead the most followed Instagram profiles

The most famous social mothers in Italy

1) Lorena Bianchetti

One of the most famous television presenters in the whole country. On 5 March he gave birth to his first daughter, Estella, born of a relationship with her husband Bernardo De Luca. Lorena's pregnancy received so much attention because at the time of delivery the presenter was 45 years old. It is interesting to note that, just in March, the number of people seeking information on his maternity tripled.

2) Gianna Nannini

born with a rock hairstyle, that the exact copy of the mom.Penelope, the daughter of Gianna Nannini, born in 2010, when her mother was 54 years old. Born with natural childbirth. This fact, at a time, provokes several discussions and not a few criticisms.

3) Laura Freddi

Laura's love, Geneva, born January 5. Childbirth was not easy but it didn't take long for all fear to turn into pure happiness, pleasure and enjoyment. Even Freddi became a 45-year-old mother.

4) Tania Cagnotto

The strongest Italian diver ever, one of the most important mothers in Italy today. His daughter Maya was born on January 23rd. curious to note that her pregnancy, in recent times, has really attracted great interest among internet users: the research on the anticipated sweetness of Tania Cagnotto is in third place in the interests of users among all the issues related to the athlete.

5) Chiara Ferragni

Leone or Lello, as they now call the #Ferragnez their baby, already a star. Chiara became a mother last year, as I notice her was a very important pregnancy, both because she was the first, but also because of some health problems, of which the influncer spoke to her followers. With the birth of Leo, as happens to many stars, it seems that Chiara has also gained new haters, who as soon as they can try to accuse her of not being a good mother and even not knowing decency.

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