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The most extreme 2011 battle arrives: Modern Combat 3 – Fallen …

What would happen if North Korea, Pakistan and Russia launched a terrorist attack on the United States? Fans of games on Android terminals will soon find out by immersing themselves in the latest adventure that offers us Gameloft: Modern Combat 3 – Fallen Nation

The gaming giant that now produces the best games for Android, he posted on his own blog revealing through an interview with the developer that includes concept artworks but above all new details on the game modes of this that promises to be the best "shoot-around?As always for smartphones. Hallen Nation will focus on the corporal James Walker, who will lead his Anvil-1 special forces team into enemy territory, where mercenaries, terrorists and a traitor who will stop in front of nothing to destroy the nation that once "served" will be confronted.

Unlike the prequel, which contained a lot of action in tight spaces, Modern Combat 3 will be a real one scale war. Gameloft describes fallen Nation by announcing large-scale clashes, and the first time it happens to us on a game designed for smartphones. In relation to this, the blog reads how Fallen Nation will be a turning point for the war games developed on this type of Android terminal precisely because it will be able to have impressive graphics and playability as if we were playing on a console.

Of its imminent release the exact day is not yet known but we know that it will happen in the next Autumn.

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