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The most downloaded apps by category: from social media to food

The most downloaded apps by category see WhatsApp in absolute first place that in the list of the most downloaded apps of the 2017 social category leader, Spotify wins in the music, while the most downloaded app in the Uber travel category.

The most downloaded apps of 2017 according to Apptopia, an app store intelligence company, see in the headWhatsapp – recently arrived in Italy in its business version – led the list of the top eight most downloaded apps of 2017 and was the leader in its category. He obtained the largest number of installations in 2017 and not a little, if we think of the beyond 600 million more installations compared to the nearest leading competitor.

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The most downloaded apps of 2017: Facebook Messenger is growing

Everyone knows that Facebook Messenger is a great project, but the other Facebook messaging app, acquired in 2014 for $ 19 billion, could grow even faster and in 2017 reached almost a billion new downloads.

"WhatsApp was the number one app for downloads in 2017, about a billion installations, or just under a seventh of the world's population"said Adam Header, Apptopia communications manager ".

The category leaders on the App Store and Google Play generally get the main slice of app installations: the top 10 apps, in general, represent over 80% of all installations.

The most downloaded apps by category:

Social: WhatsApp – 924M– Games: Subway Surfers – 190M– Entertainment: Netflix – 118M– Food and beverages: Subway – 35M– Meetings: Tinder – 58M– Do you travel: Uber – 189M– Shopping: AliExpress – 81M– Music and audio: Spotify – 299M

important to note that there will certainly be more apps with more downloads than some mentioned here; these are the category leaders, but some categories, such as Social, are so popular that the second, third or even the fourth most downloaded app in its category could exceed other apps in other categories, such as the Dating app, for example.

Facebook Messenger the second of the most downloaded apps

This is good news for Facebook, which has positioned Messenger in second place among the most downloaded apps in the social category.

Facebook owner of the first four most downloaded apps in the social media categories of 2016 and five among the first six of 2017, with Instagram, Facebook Lite and the Facebook app by itself, of course.

The success in the mobile sector is usually a prelude to business success in every sense, so it is interesting to note that Netflix, which has just announced a quarter of great growth, is positioned at the top of all the apps in the Entertainment category.

Most downloaded app shopping category: AliExpress beats Amazon

also interesting to see that AliExpress beat Amazon as the best retail app installed last year. Amazon by far the category leader in North America, so this shows not only how strong China is in Alibaba, but also China's relative strength in the mobile sector.

Apptopia data, of course, is not necessarily a perfect representation of actual downloads.

Most downloaded apps by category: data

Probably only Apple, Google and Facebook know the number of installations that WhatsApp actually generated in 2017, however, the company believes that its data tends to be correct, thanks to information from over a quarter of a million apps, probably on billions of smartphones and tablets.

"The simple way to explain how we get our estimates that we are connected to more than 250,000 mobile apps through their developer accounts", said Blacker, e "Our Data Science team uses this as a learning set that we combine with publicly available data, such as the ranking of the app store."

The most downloaded apps by category

The most downloaded apps by category

The most downloaded apps by category according to Apptopia – 2017

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