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The month of laptops with DVD-RW

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It will be a head to head, in the PC world, for the laptop that will first offer the possibility to burn DVDs.

According to some sources, in fact, the end of the month the date by which a laptop with this feature could appear on the market for the first time. Toshiba and Sony will compete against each other.

The two Japanese giants have both already announced DVD burners for laptops capable of writing discs according to the DVD-RW standard, the same used by Apple.

Toshiba and Sony may soon be in the company of Cupertino. Pioneer, which manufactures the SuperDrive, also recently announced that it has released laptop burners. Commercial and market reasons would advise Apple, which first also presented a desktop with a DVD burner, not to be left in the dust by the competition.

If this were the case and if the release date of the PCs with the predicted DVD-RW was correct, then an upgrade of the Titanium could be predicted by the end of October or at the beginning of November at the latest.

It would be more than just a touch-up of a new line with many new features. On the basis of the rumors, it is possible to assume, in addition to the use of the DVD-RW, an upgrade of the CPU, brought to 933 or 1 GHz and of the graphics card, with the use of a new graphics card in place of the Radeon 7500. Also possible Bluetooth integration. At the moment, the use of a 16.1-inch screen does not seem to be on the horizon as in the latest generation Sony which would be the real icing on the cake.

Recall that currently the PowerBook, released mid-spring, the machine with the oldest configuration among those currently in production.