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The Microsoft Edge browser will use Chrome extensions

microsoft browser edge chromium

This was confirmed by Microsoft: Chrome extensions will be available on the new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium

This was confirmed by Microsoft: Chrome extensions will be available on the new Edge browser. The Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium could bridge the extension gap.

The Edge Microsft browser uses Chrome extensions

Microsoft has not revealed many details on the Edge to Chromium transition, announced last week, but company officials have now confirmed that it aims to support Chrome extensions.

After the announcement by Microsoft that Edge will switch to Chromium, the company revealed that it could solve the gap between Edge and Chrome by supporting the large amount of existing Chrome extensions.

We intend to support existing Chrome extensions, he wrote Kyle Pflug, project manager for Microsoft Edge, on Reddit in response to users and developers seeking answers.

Pflug has not clarified how Microsoft plans to install extensions on the new Edge browser. As noted by Ed Bott, it is believed that Microsoft aims to allow all existing Chrome extensions to run unmodified on the new Edge browser, but developers will still need to compress extensions for the Microsoft Store.

Pflug also responded to Windows application developers looking for answers on what it would have been like to switch to Chromium for UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) apps if Microsoft abandoned the EdgeHTML browser engine.

Both categories of apps depend on EdgeHTML and revisions may be necessary if Microsoft decides to abandon them completely.

Pflug stated that existing UWP and PWA apps in the Microsoft Store will continue to use EdgeHTML and Microsoft's JavaScript Chakra engine, without interruption. Microsoft does not plan to add an interpretation level for existing apps to run on the new rendering engine.

However, Microsoft expects to offer a new WebView that apps can choose to use based on the new rendering engine, based on what Pflug claims.

Microsoft also aims to allow the installation of PWA on Edge from the web, rather than limiting installations to the Microsoft Store, as is currently the case for PWAs. This move would be in line with Google's current approach to Chrome.

We plan to provide support for PWAs to be installed directly from the browser (just like with Chrome), in addition to the current Store approach. We are not yet ready to disclose all the details, but the PWAs that act like native apps are still an important principle for us, so we will examine the right system integrations for good things, wrote Pflug.

Pflug also claimed that Microsoft in the early stages to bring the next version of the Edge browser to all Microsoft devices, which means it should also be distributed for Xbox One and probably also for the HoloLens viewer from Microsoft.

microsoft browser edge chromium