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The medical record on iPad becomes digital and touch with Olomedia

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In the US, many hospitals are looking to iPad as a device that can provide ward doctors support. In Europe, the first developer to carry the digital medical record on iPad the Italian Olomedia. Waiting for iPad to arrive in the hands of users starting from May 28, the OloHEALTH software is already complete and functional: it is not an app to be installed but a service that works via the web, usable via iPad Safari, or from any computer. The OloHealth software allows departmental and outpatient staff to detect and analyze all the information essential for diagnosis and therapy. Thanks to the generously sized touch screen and the ease of use of the iPad, the historical paper medical record finds a new shape and a new life on the Apple tablet screen.

Just touch the desired field with a finger to enter or re-read the personal data, consult the health and legal information and much more. Olomedia ensures that with OloHEALTH it is possible to significantly improve the entire workflow, starting from the acceptance procedures up to the discharge ones.

In addition to managing medical records, the overall graphics and performance of the iPad also allows you to view high resolution images. It is likely that these additional features will be exploited with new apps in the coming months, perhaps to allow doctors to view plates, ultrasounds and other reports. Applications such as OloHEALTH offer food for thought, not the first, to those who have already considered iPad a device that is not very useful or suitable only for leisure, even if we are waiting for a real native application for the management of medical records.

Here below we insert the official video showing the functioning of the software.