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The main update for Gmail is now live: it offers offline support, reserved mode and Smart Inbox

The main update for Gmail is now live: it offers offline support, reserved mode and Smart Inbox

Earlier this month, we were given a first glimpse of the aesthetic and functional revision of Gmail, which also mocked some of the upcoming features as a "confidential mode" and the ability to send self-destructing emails among a myriad of other changes. In the end, Google finally started implementing the updated interface and features, announcing the changes on its official Keyword blog. Here are the news:

Confidential mode

This by far the biggest change in this update. The confidential mode allows users to prevent their emails from being misused in various ways. First, Gmail will now allow users to send self-destructive emails by setting an expiration date for each message. It will also allow users to revoke the emails they have sent. In addition, users can also set an additional security level for their e-mails by connecting them with a pin or password feature, so that a recipient can only read the e-mail content if they received the access code on their e-mail address. smartphone.

Furthermore, the updated Information Rights Management tools prevent the recipient from copying, forwarding, downloading or printing the contents of the e-mail, if the sender decides to activate the function. The confidential mode will be implemented gradually over the coming weeks, starting with G Suite subscribers.

In addition, Gmail will show warning messages to users in a more prominent way to protect them from malicious redirects and alert them to accessing the Web links mentioned in a dubious email that could lead to phishing or other scams.

Native offline support

Another very useful feature provided by the redesigned Gmail interface is native offline support, which means that users can continue to work on the Gmail web client even without an Internet connection, albeit to a limited extent. Now you can perform tasks such as searching the mailbox, composing messages, replying, deleting and archiving up to 90 messages on a route. This feature will be available in the coming weeks.

Intelligent Inbox features

Gmail now also includes some AI-based features like Nudging, which subtly remind users of unread messages that may have been lost, asking them to respond to these emails and follow them. In addition, the intelligent response function of the Gmail mobile application also arrived on the Gmail web client, which means that users can now reply to an email in the blink of an eye by choosing from a wide range of response templates.

Notification controls and intelligent deletion

In addition to the Gmail web client, Google has also introduced a couple of new features in the mobile app. The first is a smart notification function, which allows users to change the priority levels of incoming e-mails, meaning users can now choose to receive notifications only when a very important person sends an e-mail.

The second is an intelligent delete function that regularly provides advice on mailing lists from which users should unsubscribe. This function analyzes the number of e-mails of each sender and the regularity with which the recipient reads them, which gives a clear idea of ​​the importance of a sender / mailing list to the user. Both features will be implemented in the coming weeks in the Gmail app for mobile devices.

Quick action tools

Gmail's redesigned web interface also offers a set of quick action tools that allow users to perform a series of tasks such as archiving, marking as read, deleting or postponing an email by simply hovering over it. In addition, the attached files associated with an email will now be visible under each entry on the Inbox page, allowing users to access the files without even opening the email.

Deeper integration with Google Apps

Google has also introduced a deeper integration of Google's apps into its email service with the redesign of Gmail. Thanks to the change, users will now see the icons of three apps, such as Keep, Calendar and Tasks in the upper right corner of the inbox, allowing users to write quick notes, create calendar invitations and do much more easily . The integration function will also be distributed to other G Suite apps such as Documents, Sheets, Presentations and Calendar in the coming months.