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The Mac user also pays taxes

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You can find Unico 2002 also for computers with apple: to be able to run it needs a Mac equipped with a Power PC processor, 64 MB RAM, MAC OS 8.0 and / or later operating system (does it work in Classic mode under Mac OS X? – the first field tests tell us no). To download it go to this page. The download is available in two parts which must be installed in sequence.

Here are the indications from the ministry website that we ask you to read carefully before proceeding with the installation: "The UNICO 2002 product allows the compilation of the UNICO 2002 model for natural persons. The installation methods of the product have been changed compared to those envisaged until last year. Therefore it is advisable to carefully read the instructions below.

In order to use the UNICO 2002 product needed:

– have the JAVA run-time environment, indispensable to ensure the functioning of the product and the Acrobat Reader product, in order to be able to print the declaration forms conforming to the originals; – proceed with the installation of the BASIC PRODUCT, which ensures the functionality base of the UNIQUE 2002 product and sufficient for taxpayers in possession of employee or pension income, income from land or buildings, self-employment income for persons not obliged to keep accounting records, capital income and of 'different' income; – in the case of taxpayers who are required to fill in also other self-employment and business income, of the VAT model, of the model 770 relating to tax substitutes and of the IRAP model, also install the plug -in INTEGRAL; – to complete the F24 payment form, proceed to install the F24 plug-in from UNICO 2002.

Both the Base Product and the Whole Product also allow you to pre-fill the 2002 model with some information from the return filed for the previous tax period (UNIQUE 2001 or 730 2001).

For those in possession of the PIN code, the possibility is also offered to receive from the Revenue Agency a file containing some data collected from the 2001 declaration, as presented, as well as the list of payments using the form. F24 for the 2001 tax period.

Instructions for downloading and using JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and for installing on Mac are available on this page.

The 2.2.3 version of Java Virtual Machine is indicated on the site as necessary and a generic link is inserted from which it may be difficult to find the download package.We point out that the latest version available is 2.2.5 and it is downloadable (5.1 MB) from this page of the Apple website.

Let us know your experience with the software, last year there had been some problems, we hope that the experience accumulated by programmers in these months has led to a flawless realization. We have opened a special section of our Forum. (Thanks to M. Scarscelli for reporting)