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The long march of the iPad: another 9 launches in July

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Conquering the world. iPad is launched in Italy and also in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain at the end of the month (as many readers know very well) but with this the Apple launches are far from finished .

As happened in reality also with iPhone, Apple begins to accelerate in the distribution and sale of iPad in the rest of the world. The production probably at full capacity and in the coming months the logistics chain built by Apple will be able to "satiate" various markets.

In particular, another nine launches are expected by July, some in Europe and others very far. In order, they are: Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Holland, New Zealand and Singapore. As you can see, a patchwork covering areas that are also adjacent to those that will receive the first supplies of iPad and related accessories starting from May 28th.

Who writes convinced that iPad will have a much brighter destiny than the already excellent iPhone: it will be a race comparable in volume and penetration to that of the iPod, rather. The speed with which Apple is starting its distribution chain (also facilitated by the fact that in reality no special agreements are needed with the telephone operators, to be negotiated country by country) suggests that even in Cupertino the ambitions are not shy.