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The Last of Us 2: all the news on the PS4 blockbuster from …

The Last of Us 2: all the news on the PS4 blockbuster from ...

By Michele Galluzzi Friday 27 September 2019

Naughty Dog's top management and Sony representatives offered a small circle of industry journalists the opportunity to preview The Last of Us 2 during a Media Event organized in Los Angeles, thanks to which we had the unique opportunity to return to immerse ourselves in the world of The Last of Us and resume the ranks of Ellie's story.

The demo presented a long series of innovations, ranging from content to game mechanics, passing through a technical sector that was finished in an incredible way, and allowed me to test Ellie's new possibilities of movement against unpublished threats, such as guard dogs survivors and a kind of infected never seen before.

The first part of the demo focused on the most intimate aspect of the story, with a tender duet between Ellie and her partner, Dina. If the previous chapter and its DLC, Left Behind, gave way to guess its character, The Last of Us Part II presents Ellie, now nineteen, as a protagonist of rare complexity. The young woman and Dina exchange timid approaches, seek confirmation of their feelings by speaking of love and enjoy the beauty of Wyoming landscapes. Right here the most touching moment of the demo is staged, with Ellie reproaching herself for having lost the opportunity to clearly reveal her feelings, betraying all her vulnerability.

The second part of the demo, set in Seattle, focused on the most violent face in the world of The Last of Us. To free Joel's brother Tommy from the group of survivors who took him prisoner, Ellie shows that she is willing to do anything. His goal is to take revenge on those who have hurt the people he loves. Naughty Dog has made every possible effort to convey the message that every enemy has a family, friends, motivations, and if to eliminate a threat with an arrow from distance would normally be a moment to celebrate, here every kill accompanied by the desperate screams of the companions of the victim. In a merciless world, the violence necessary, but always carries with it the weight of remorse.

The marketing of The Last of Us Part 2 scheduled for February 21, 2020, strictly exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.