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The KViHotel has opened in Budapest, the first hotel of the future that is controlled with an app


The KviHotel is managed directly from the smartphone: in this new hotel that looks to the future, open in Budapest in Hungary, it is possible to live an innovative travel experience, literally just a tap away.

The KviHotel is the first hotel in Europe where guests will be able to access almost all services via their smartphone, with a few taps: it is possible to book the room, check in up to 48 hours before arrival by selecting the floor and the room, open the room (thanks to the bluetooth connection) or the main door of the hotel at night.

Through the app you can also check the air conditioning and heating system, choosing the desired temperature upon arrival, request additional cleaning and virtually hang the Do not disturb sign outside the door, pay online, book a taxi and monitor the payment, check out and many other services.

In order to access all these digital services, KviHotel guests will have free use of the broadband WiFi connection available throughout the hotel and a text and video assistance service for the use of the app. The application to use TMRW Hotels, available for iOS and Android devices, and an app that can also be used in other structures.

In addition to the app, the Hungarian hotel KviHotel offers a digital experience also extended to the structure: the facade of the hotel oriented towards the courtyard, decorated with graffiti and clearly visible from the terrace, characterized by a digital feature which, framed using the app for augmented realityLARA AR, comes to life and , with the help of a video introduces the use of the TMWR Hotels app.

The TMRW Hotels application and the basic concept do not concern a single hotel, just as the solutions developed by the company are not exclusively addressed to the hotel sector: TMWR develops a total of five versions of the app: TMRW Hotels simplifies and digitizes hotel operations, TMWR Hostels instead addresses to hostels, TMWR Apartments to apartments, TMWR Offices to buildings where offices are located. All these apps make operations more transparent and easier to plan by reducing costs significantly, while TMRW HK (housekeeping) simplifies and makes cleaning and maintenance operations of accommodation and catering facilities more efficient.

In addition to the hotel application, TMRW is now testing the Offices app and will soon launch the version dedicated to apartments. In addition to the application license, companies wishing to modernize their hotel facilities can use the switchboard service directly from TMRW. In short, digital solutions for tourist hospitality, for an innovative travel experience, perfectly consistent with the idea of ​​the new Budapest hotel, which looks to the future, starting from the name: the acronym, Kvi, which indicates Key Vision and derives from Vision for the Future .