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The Kindle-killer? is the iPhone

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Read a remarkable experience on Kindle, as for other eBook readers. Better than any other LCD screen and better thanks to the connection and portability of many other solutions. For the Kindle, an extra device to put in your bag, however thin, light and stylish. And it costs around 250 euros. For this reason, according to a research report, it is actually susceptible to attacks by other convergence appliances.

The epitome of this type of device, according to the research firm Flurry, the iPhone. He is quickly becoming the reference eBook reader. Because the texts are there, they are more and more for the small screen of the iPhone, and the casual and spontaneous reading, perhaps waiting for a train or the tram, easier than with that beautiful object of the Kindle, which for one does not always carry.

After becoming devices for games, therefore, putting Sony PSP (which is trying to reinvent the download model) and Nintendo DS in crisis, now the turn of the Kindle to end up in the crosshairs of the iPhone. A viewfinder that apparently makes you shoot with the precision of a killer. According to data collected by Flurry, in September books for the iPhone (including those on the Amazon software application, Kindle for the iPhone) broke the "wall" of the games available and downloadable for the first time. The charge of the books is very strong and from July to October the growth in the number of applications on the Apple store is seen.

Amazon, which in 2009 according to Forrester Research sold about 3 million Kindles in the US, tries to "pump" as many devices as it can, compatibly with the production rates of the Chinese factories in Foxconn. Apple, however, has already placed 57 million iPhones and iPod touches, a number that can afford to provide publishers with a much greater potential market. And you still have to see what will happen with the tablet that has been talked about for two years …