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The keynote of Seybold is by Phill Schiller

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The Seybold keynote by Phill Schiller – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Sar Phill Schiller to deliver the San Francisco Seybold inaugural address. The announcement that the usually highly attended opening event of the DTP review will be Apple's global marketing manager, was given today by the event management.

Schiller will appear on stage at 9 am on September 10, the same day that the Moscone salons will open for the stands, including those of Apple

At present, as understandable, the specific topics of Schiller's speech are not known. We only learn that Apple's strategy for the graphics and professional creativity sector will be presented. Most likely, if the information released by some websites is correct, Schiller will present the potential of the new G4 that may have been officially released only a few days before.

In the past Jobs personally attended the opening of the event, but in this case the CEO will be busy elsewhere on the same day, to be precise in Paris where Apple Expo opens on September 10, the largest Apple exhibition in the old continent.

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