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The iPod that devours batteries

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Apple continues to add new features to iPod making it more and more similar to a PDA than a simple MP3 player. But the numerous new features, watch, iCal-compatible calendar, alarm, also bring a novelty that is not appreciated by users of the Apple 'gadget': a much shorter battery life than originally expected.

The event was reported by a large number of users who submitted their reports on the Apple discussion forum itself.

What happens is quite simple: after upgrading to firmware version 1.2 the useful life of the recharge literally falls. Three to four hours of playback compared to ten reported by Apple in its specifications. As if this were not enough, the iPod left off in a drawer or on the desk discharges itself in a couple of days.

The widespread if not universal problem is of little use, as far as we learn, to disable sound signals, as recommended by Apple. In fact, to determine the phenomenon it seems, at least always according to user reports, the structure of the firmware and the tasks that it imposes on the operating system which drains a truly considerable amount of energy.

At the moment Apple has not yet taken any official position nor released an update that could solve the problem since even version 1.2.1 does not seem to be destined for this purpose and those who installed it are still living with the limited duration of the battery.

So here are the cases of those who decide to downgrade iPod to version 1.1 of the Firmware multiply. You lose a number of advanced features, but you gain enormously in battery life. And this is enough and advanced for those who do not have great interest in the advanced features of the player but simply love it for what it can do admirably well: being the most advanced and sophisticated MP3 player on the market.