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The iPod chip maker with no CEO

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The maker of iPod chips without CEO –

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PortalPlayer maker of the chips that underlie iPod loses its CEO.

During the day yesterday, in fact, the company announced that its CEO, John Mallard, is leaving. No official reasons were given for the decision that comes suddenly and after a long series of commercial successes.

PortalPlayer considered one of the emerging Silicon Valley companies. In fact, it produces specialized chips with integrated functionality for HD-based MP3 players, one of the products with the greatest potential on the market. Among its customers, in fact, also Apple that uses PortalPlayer processors for its iPod, although nothing official has ever been announced on the matter.

PortalPlayer, according to some sources, also on the verge of announcing agreements similar to those entered into with Apple, helping other large companies to land on the MP3 market.

The company announced that research for a new CEO had begun.

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