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The iPhone SE deliveries slip to 1-2 weeks, on Amazon you buy in 5 installments

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Just a few hours after the start of the pre-orders, the times expected for the first deliveries of iPhone SE 2020 have increased: those who order it now on the Apple Store online could wait up to 1-2 weeks, while on Amazon for the moment it is still indicated for delivery on the 27th April.

On the Apple Store online

Announced on April 15, pre-orders began on Friday April 17 with arrival for Friday April 24: waiting times have shifted to April 28-30 in the evening on the Apple online store. Now instead on Apple Store Italy iPhone SE deliveries are indicated at 1-2 weeks for all coloring and memory capacity, with two exceptions: by ordering the maximum capacity of 256GB black or white the delivery is still expected in 5-7 working days.Apple presents iPhone SE 2020: heir to iPhone 8

On Amazon

Instead as we write on Amazon still indicated with shipping by April 27: of course it is a rough estimate that could undergo subsequent changes based on availability. It is interesting to note that for some users Amazon offers the possibility of purchasing the new Apple terminal with interest-free payment in 5 installments. If available this payment option recently introduced by the e-commerce giant in Italy displayed at the top right, as visible in the screen that we report in this article.

This is a super simplified procedure that does not require the compilation of contracts and documents: simply the total amount of the device is divided into 5 installments that are charged monthly to the credit card or the payment system already used for Amazon by the user, at no additional cost n for interest n for operating expenses.

The iPhone SE deliveries slip to 1-2 weeks, on Amazon you buy in 5 installments

Delivery times for iPhone SE 2020 have also increased in other countries: in the USA, those who order now receive it in the first days of May. At the moment it is difficult to establish whether the postponement is due to the high demand or the limited stocks available, also due to blockages and slowdowns due to coronavirus.

For the new terminal, Apple has introduced six new cases, three in leather and three in silicone. By purchasing the (prodcut) version REDApple donates part of the proceeds to the Global Fund for aid to the states most affected by coronavirus, as well as for the fight against HIV / Aids and infectious diseases in the poorest countries on the planet. The AppleCare + warranty extension for iPhone SE 2020 costs only 99 euros, a price reduction of 50 euros compared to the previous iPhone 8 removed from the price list.