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The iPhone myth was born 8 years ago

The iPhone myth was born 8 years ago


The iPhone myth was born 8 years ago

8 years, many have passed since Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone. It seems far away the January 9, 2007 when Jobs presents the first Apple smartphone to the MacWord Keynote that would literally change our lives forever. Just 8 years ago, the world of telephony was not yet ready for the technological leap offered by Apple but in a few months the landscape changed radically and giants such as Google and Samsung began to unleash the first, and unfortunate ideas in the smartphone field while Apple continued to sell millions of iPhone 2G. here is the full video of the Keynote of 2007 when Jobs presents the first iPhone:

The functions of the first iPhone included the possibility of browsing the web via Safari and playing music like a normal iPod but in addition you had the possibility of calling and sending SMS. But the design was Apple's real winning move with a smartphone with compact and elegant lines and the use of aluminum was the added value of the first iPhone. Only later was the AppStore introduced and since that January 9, 2007, a long way has been made up to the present day where the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are breaking all sales records.

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