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The iPhone mail app has a security problem

The iPhone mail app has a security problem

The fix to protect the personal data of users coming soon

iphone mail(Photo: Apple)

Serious security flaw discovered in the iPhone Mail application that is, the native and pre-installed service for managing personal emails on iOS, Apple's mobile operating system. In fact, version 6 of the app showed the side a any intrusion by attackers that they could have exploited an undiscovered vulnerability to access sensitive information.

The computer security company ZecOps discovered the bug and also stated that it was precisely the cause behind data theft six different large companies from 2018 to today. Fortunately, everything was communicated to Apple that is now working to offer a quick patch to correct the error.

To make this news even more uneasy, the description of how the flaw could be exploited. In fact, it did not require direct access to the device nor the owner's virtual circumvention, but he could simply take advantage of an email designed ad hoc as an entry key to open the iPhone's internal database door. In short, it was the way to run the appropriate code from a remote position and navigate within the documents saved in memory.

Among the victims, there is a large company included in the prestigious list of the five most important in the world according to Fortune as well as a well-known journalist, but no more information was disclosed to trace its identity. Not only that, the cyber security company that discovered the flaw also speculated that behind one of the attacks there is agovernment intelligence agency of a nation, also in this case, remained unnamed.

We will be easy prophets to speculate a very tight turn fix, however, it seems that the patch is already being tested in the current beta version of the latest update in progress of iOs, hoping that the future update will not bring with it other problems as it has happened frequently in recent times. The suggestion is that of do not use the iPhone Mail client until further update using third-party applications downloadable from the App Store.


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