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The iPhone in Switzerland with Swisscom

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iPhone lands in Switzerland. The announcement, more than expected given the rumors of the past few days where the agreement was essentially concluded, this morning and arrives, always as expected, from Swisscom.

No details on the launch date. We only learn that it will arrive within the year. A page loaded on the institutional website invites customers to subscribe to a mailing list for further information.

Le Matin, the newspaper that had anticipated the launch of the phone had anticipated that the phone will be a 3G and like all 3Gs it will be able to make two-way video chat (therefore it will be equipped with two cameras), will have a GPS and even the Digital terrestrial TV, detail, the latter, which leaves a little perplexed, given Apple's concern about battery life and the simplification of the device which, at that point, should be created in various models, one for the various regions of the world where different standards for DVBH are in force.

The main lift operator (4.7 million lines) in the past weeks had made it known that they had 25,000 iPhones unlocked in operation on its network.

Thanks for the report to Marco Bchler