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The iPhone Developer Club was born on Saturday 27 February

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The iPhone Developer Club was born on Saturday 27 February –

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The Italian iPhone Club was born on Saturday 27 February. The initiative that focuses on the popular Apple mobile phone intended for those who already develop iPhone but also for simple enthusiasts and all those who have ideas to propose and curiosities to satisfy on the world of iPhone / touch and App Store and promoted by GoWeb with CE Group and Art Valley.

"In Italy we will be among the first to invest in people's ideas by directly involving companies that want to be present with their own pages on the iPhone, developers from all over Italy registered in the club" said Mauro Sanua, president of the Club. "We are reaching agreements with institutions and individuals to finance the best ideas that will be examined by a commission. My commitment will also be to support the startups of future developers to encourage innovative and youth entrepreneurship in Italy ".

In addition to the president Mauro Sanua, Maurizio Cremaschi, one of the best known Italian iPhone developers, Stefano Maggio, CE Group administrator, Daniele Poggi and Alberto Sigismondi of Toodev who created the TooShopper application, an innovative shopper assistant born from the study of consumer and large-scale retail needs. Riccardo Roggeri, CEO of Techinnova, who deals with financing for youth entrepreneurship and also Alberto Cavicchiolo president of Art Valley, will also speak.

The appointment for Saturday 27 February at Sala Portello, in via Grosotto, Pizza Accursio Milano at 6.00 pm. For further information and to participate in the iPhone Developer Club, you can start from the official website.

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