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The iPhone 3G that makes the world tremble

Among the most important features of the new iPhone, in addition to 3G connectivity and the presence of the GPS receiver, it is impossible not to include the incredibly aggressive price. The mixture of innovations introduced by Apple since the first presentation of the iPhone 3G has not failed to generate negative effects for the main companies that build competing smartphones, especially for the whole world that revolves around Windows Mobile.

So immediately after the presentation of San Francisco, the Eastern stock exchanges recorded significant decreases in the share value of important local industries especially engaged in the construction of pocket-telephone devices. Among the hardest hit HTC that in recent days has presented to the world HTC Diamond for the high-end consumer and HTC Pro intended instead for the professional world. Already at 10 in the morning, the HTC stock lost 6.9 percent of its value, a significant reduction that could have been greater if the Taiwanese stock exchange did not foresee a suspension of market prices in the event of some limits being exceeded. and downwards imposed by the regulation.

Other companies affected by the iPhone effect include E-Ten with a drop of 3.2 percent and Compal Communication which recorded a drop of 4.1 percent. In the latter case, the fall could be due to, in addition to the iPhone effect, also to the announcement by Acer that has published a plan for the acquisition of E-Ten. Even the Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung recorded a slight drop in its stock of 2.9 per cent. Finally, again in Korea, LG recorded a drop of 2.2 per cent.

Analysts, while underlining the relatively small share held to date by Apple in the smartphone sector, indicate that the new competition generated by the new iPhone is real. Features and functions offered together at an extremely attractive price are even more fearful if the geographical extent of the offer is taken into consideration. For all these reasons, experts advise companies operating in the sector to focus on the user experience and not to underestimate the relatively small Apple, otherwise they will run the risk of seeing their market shares decrease.