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The iPad is also a challenge for Intel's App Store

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Not only Amazon as everyone writes, but the new iPad a challenge on two fronts also against Intel: for the CPU or better the system on chip used and made "at home" and for the applications that will compete with the App Up Center , the Intel Application Store for netbooks which, to tell the truth, isn't really scary for anyone at the moment. Being behind the strong shoulders of the great CPU manufacturer, this has the time, the economic possibility and the ability to invest large amounts of money on its store and convey the interest of the most disparate developers.

The Intel store offers software for both the Microsoft Windows operating system and the open source Moblin operating system and, later in the year, will offer support for multiple runtime environments. Parters such as Acer, Asus, Dell and Samsung may include applications for Atom processor-based handhelds, smartphones, consumer electronics, TV sets and more.

The applications available on the Intel store are currently a very modest number when compared with those on the App Store (over 140,000); with the iPad, then, we will see many new applications: its large display allows interesting opportunities and has provided new ideas to many developers.

Intel and its partners (all big computer scientists) for the moment can do nothing but chase. The overcoming in the race at the moment only a chimera and the Apple numbers are frightening: store available in 77 countries around the world and three billion applications downloaded in less than 18 months. (By Mauro Notarianni)