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The iPad arrives in the family: between curiosity and amazement

Having a family member at home who writes about technology and who also a passionate "geek" can be an advantage or a disadvantage: it depends on your point of view.

The consort's point of view is usually negative and, even if it may be curious about technology, finding electronic devices, power supplies, connection cables, boxes of products to be repackaged and shipped many times can go beyond their own levels of endurance and to no avail the reassurances, apologies and recommendations of the type "are my work tools", "I have to finish a review by Sunday", "do not throw away all those boxes that I have to return".

The point of view of the little ones of the family is certainly more positive: the fact of immediately trying all the news that arrives on the market as well as an enrichment of one's knowledge and curiosity as well as a source of pride with friends all the more now than owning or having at home any object with the apple brand not perceived as the fixation of a group of outcasts but belonging to a (fortunately) vast technological and (unfortunately) trendy vanguard.

Sociological disquisitions aside, the children want to go on the concrete and are the first to take possession of the iPad. With a sample of a very varied age (15-11-5) it is easy to understand how the touch interface is now a datum acquired for all the younger generations and that this allows even the smallest who cannot read and barely knows the numbers to activate immediately iPhone applications synchronized from the Mac and to start exploring without fear also the new ones that take advantage of a coherent access path to the tools.

ipad family

Obviously the little ones do not have an iPhone but with iPad they reproduce the same attitude they have with the father's phone: they seize it without so many careless compliments in this case of the fact that carrying it around the house without a case they run the risk of dropping it ruining the precious glass front.

We said that the transition from iPhone (or iPod touch) absolutely painless but we must add that in the case of multiple offspring it has a huge advantage: even "enlarged" games together with the original ones become a system for a "collaborative" game, direct and very more physical. In practice, children cooperate more thanks to the larger screen and the ability to intervene directly on the "theater of operations".

The iPhone game "Alice in Wonderland" is experienced together with reciprocal suggestions, the drawings and sounds on Doodle Buddy's virtual magic board are discovered, discussed and decided together not to mention the possibility, which is expanding, of using games to two or 4 contenders in which the iPad becomes from time to time a chessboard, a playing field, a table for the challenges of "One" and so on.

The other aspect that children of all ages take for granted is that of consulting the photos and this also becomes first of all a reason for the search for wonder by other relatives, grandparents in the first place, and then teaching a technique of presentation and image processing with the very fast and amazing zoom & pan that you can operate and with the choice of moving to the most significant shots.

We mentioned the grandparents: they too are not immune to the charm of the object and if any of them do not remember the name of Steve Jobs and the iPad itself (? ?the contraption that the skinny skinny gentleman presented in the United States? I saw all the news on Easter ") they want to understand how at least the consultation of the photo albums works since children and grandchildren have denied them access to the photos taken and confined to the exclusive digital domain for years now.

Grandparents are also interested in surfing the internet "on a sofa" but unfortunately they will have to settle for a quick test as the children take possession of the iPad leaving them the vague hope of an iPad as a personal gift towards the end of the year.

We left his wife a little annoyed (for the umpteenth gadget that enters the house) but curious at the beginning of our story. She too would like to find a moment of peace to try it, to enjoy the photos of the children or simply to understand the novelty of navigation or the real usefulness of another object with the apple that populates the family newspaper: let's try to download together a free application that it's called EyeWitness, created by the Guardian and Canon; a collection of images with a brief comment on the fact and a tip on the photographic technique adopted.eyewitness