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The interior of the iPad revealed: special power supply and Unibody back

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You didn't even have to wait for the day of the iPad release to get a glimpse of its interior. In fact, the FCC, the Federal Communication Commission, thought about making images of tablet components available to the world.

The iPad "vivisection" is part of the device approval process, a mandatory step for all new products that are placed on the market in the US and that Apple normally requires under confidentiality. This was the case again and the FCC complied by making its exams public only the day before it was marketed; Apple also requested that the images inside the iPad be darkened and here that the FCC slipped. The PDFs with the photos were in fact covered with a false "digital chip" that was immediately removed by some enterprising enthusiast, revealing different details of the components.

iFixIt, a specialist in the vivisections of Apple devices, immediately prepared a series of commented images showing the highly predictable A4 processor, flash chips produced by Toshiba, a Broadcom BCM5973 processor for I / O functions, another Broadcom processor, for wireless communications two 3.75 V, 24.8 Whr batteries.

Among the most interesting aspects: the 10W high power power supply; a normal USB power supply can take up to 12 hours to recharge the batteries; the aluminum rear part of the iPad obtained by the same engraving process with which the MacBook pro cases are made; the motherboard takes up very little space inside the case. Finally, the screen produced by LG.Philips and illuminated by LED.

More information on the components and the real disassembly of iPad, with other construction details, should arrive by the end of tomorrow.