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The growth of the Internet does not stop

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Despite the IT crisis, the Internet population continues to grow.

A recent survey conducted by the UN has in fact set the number of the Internet population at 665 million by the end of the year with a growth of 30% compared to the same period last year.

Even more interested is the data concerning the increase in services sold and purchased through the Internet which could reach $ 2.3 billion by the end of the year, 50% more than last year. If the growth rate were to continue in the coming years by the end of 2006 as much as 18% of purchases, of individuals and companies, will be implemented using the network.

Another data of interest is the economy generated by pocket devices, essentially cell phones. During 2002, the revenue determined by this particular IT niche could be as much as $ 50 billion. The main profit element would be the sending of SMS messages.

Returning to the Internet, it is worth noting that the countries with the highest growth rate in numerical terms are India (+ 27.3%, 7 million new users) and Brazil (+ 60%).

Africa is the continent in greatest difficulty. Aside from the more advanced nations (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa and Kenya), only one African out of 440 has, in some way, access to the network.