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The front of the iPhone 12 with smaller notch could be like this

Il frontale degli iPhone 12 con notch più piccolo potrebbe essere così

In the past few hours, the scheme showing the arrangement of the triple rear camera plus LiDAR depth sensor in the new iPhones expected this year appeared, while according to an anticipation the front of all the iPhone 12 will host a smaller notch: this detail is now further confirmed by one stylized diagram that we report on this page.

Looking carefully, the notch is decidedly shorter, even if the thickness seems substantially identical. In practice in terms of height, the new expected notch steals the same space and the same number of pixels as the notch that we have been used to seeing since its introduction with iPhone X. Conversely, reducing the width leaves more space free on both sides, two portions of the screen that Apple uses to show the operator's name on the left, while the bars of the cellular network field are displayed in order on the right, the field of the Wi-Fi network finally icon with the remaining battery charge.The iPhone 12 will have cameras with better lenses and a stabilized sensor

Unfortunately, this is not the complete disappearance of the notch, as some wished, but an improvement compared to what has been seen so far. In the stylized scheme of the front of the iPhone 12 there is also another detail: the representation of the Home screen contains the traditional square icons with rounded corners, flanked by a large square box. The front of the iPhone 12 with smaller notch could be like thisIt may simply be a folder created containing multiple apps, but according to some it may instead be the new widgets visible on the main screen, a new feature on which Apple is working for iOS 14. For the moment the next operating system leaked only in a preliminary version of internal processing (alpha version): we will know more when the multinational of Cupertino will officially present it on the occasion of the WWDC 2020 in June which this year will take place exclusively in digital version, streaming and online.

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