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The fourth beta of iPhone OS4 is ready

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The fourth beta of iPhone OS4 is ready –

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Punctually, while waiting for the final version of iPhone OS4, Apple has released the fourth beta of its mobile operating system to allow developers to give you a further preliminary look. And, once again, those who put their hands on it were able to find interesting news.

The first concerns the tethering of the iPhone, or the possibility of using the device as a modem to connect to the network: the feature was already present in iPhone OS 3.x, but some telephone operators, including the US AT&T, did not support it. The new beta of iPhone OS4 instead presents a new configuration panel, in which you can call AT&T or visit their website to set up tethering or your account: although it is not yet confirmed, easy to assume that the American manager will support the service on iPhone when the operating system is published.

Other new features introduced in the latest beta include a series of new wallpapers to be used as wallpapers for the dashboard, the ability to view images in Camera Roll even in landscape mode, and in general a much faster interface. The release of the final version of the iPhone OS4 is expected to take place on 7 June, the date on which the annual Worldwide Developers Conference will be held.

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