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The four new iPhones 12 2020 expected with smaller notch

Gli iPhone 12 avranno fotocamere con lenti migliori e sensore stabilizzato

In one fell swoop internal network names, main specifications, chassis materials and a further small but important detail of all the iPhone 12 2020s are published: all expected with a smaller notch. In reality most of these advances have been circulating for months, so yet another leak on the next iPhone 5G 2020 range can be welcomed as a recycling of everything that has emerged so far or, from another point of view, a confirmation of what has already been revealed different months ago by Ming Chi Kuo.

Let's start with the news of course: it seems that all four iPhones 12 2020 will have a smaller notch. Kuo himself had indicated this possibility but without absolute certainty: an improvement possible thanks to the miniaturization of the components or perhaps also by the fusion of the functions of several elements into a single component. So far, the concepts that have emerged show a slightly shorter notch, which leaves a little more space for the portions of the screen where the operator, field signal and battery charge are shown: the thickness, on the other hand, seems identical to the current one.

The four new iPhones 12 2020 expected with smaller notch

Many even hoped for the complete elimination of the notch with sensors and camera hidden in the upper edge, but it seems that at least for this generation we should be satisfied with a sort of Face ID 2.0 that is more compact, discreet and less greedy than the screen. According to serial leaker Jon Possner, who has long been considered very reliable for the advances regarding Google services and devices but who has yet to prove his reliability regarding the forecasts on Cupertino, declares that Apple has finalized the four iPhone 12 prototypes.

The entrance model indicated with the code D52G with 5.4 screen and will be joined by a slightly larger version with 6.1 with code name D53G. This pair will have two cameras and aluminum chassis, as seen also for the current generation with iPhone 11. Instead the two top models that will take the place of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, are indicated with the codes D53P (6.1 screen ) and D54P (6.7 screen): both with triple camera plus LiDAR depth sensor and stainless steel chassis.

Apple will launch 5 new iPhone 2020s and an iPhone 2021 without connectors

As indicated several times in the advances, everyone will have the new Apple A14 processor and 5G connectivity. Now that Apple has finalized the prototypes that will go into production this summer, we can expect technical schemes and even renderings: according to Possner, these materials will appear on the net within a month or at most two. We will have time and a way to check if all the advances are correct or not.

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