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The first Samsung with retractable camera appears in the renderings

It's all about rendering, but nowadays you know how precise and often completely corresponding to reality can be: that's why the images below perfectly convey the idea of ??what could be the first Samsung smartphone with a retractable camera .

The name of this Samsung terminal is not known, nor when it will be its debut. To tell the truth, the technical specifications are also missing, but the design is completely unveiled. In the past Samsung has experimented with notches and multiple variations with hole on the screen, but so far the company had not yet embraced the fashion of the pop-up front camera.Here is the first Samsung smartphone with retractable front camera

In addition to the photos, a video showing this alleged Samsung terminal is also available; a triple camera is clearly visible on the back. The retractable sensor positioned to the left, so as to make it possible for Samsung to create a full screen design, appreciated the last time on the Galaxy A80 equipped with a rotating and lifting camera module.Here is the first Samsung smartphone with retractable front camera

The terminal display will reportedly have a 6.5-inch diagonal, while Samsung appears to have eliminated the headphone jack on this device. No other internal specifications are known at the moment, nor a launch date, nor the name of the smartphone. However, the presence of a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back suggests that it will not be a high-end device.

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