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The first MFi certified LED flash for iPhone is from Anker

And a few days ago the release of Apple's guidelines for the creation of accessories that enhance the flash of the new iPhones. Based on these, Anker has recently presented what is currently the first and only MFi certified LED flash.

Currently it does not have a real name – the company simply labels it as Ankers iPhone LED Flash – and exclusively compatible with the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, to which it interfaces via the Lightning socket.

Priced at $ 49.99, it offers several interesting features, including compatibility with Apple's default Camera app – as well as with all third-party ones – and the possibility, thanks to the spiral cable, to be used both as a fill flash by hooking alliPhone, both primarily as an off-camera flash by distancing it from the phone and perhaps orienting the light beam 45 degrees with respect to the photographed subject.

This accessory incorporates its own battery which allows an autonomy of about 10,000 flashes and which is recharged through the Lightning socket, thus facilitating the management of the batteries of the iPhone and accessory with the same cable.

anker led flash mfi iphone coming soon

According to what emerges from the specifications published by Anker, this small but performing cubic-shaped flash capable of doubling the flash range and quadrupling the brightness of the lighting compared to the traditional flash that we find on the new iPhones and can also work as a continuous light flashlight without being connected directly to the cable telephone.

So in addition to being useful in videos, it can also be easily positioned at important distances, perhaps using the ISO attachment to easily attach it to tripods and other commercially available camera accessories. Finally, it is sold with a removable diffuser to soften the light in those contexts where it can be particularly useful to reduce the hardness of direct flash light.

The new Anker MFi flash compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be on sale on Amazon in January while at the moment it is not indicated when it could arrive in our country (probably at the same time or a little further on).