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The first iPhone worm hits jailbroken smartphones

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The first iPhone worm hits jailbroken smartphones – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The first worm for iPhone is called Ikee: it does not cause damage and is spreading in Australia, affecting only the terminals subjected to the jailbreak process. The attack takes place via the Internet and exploits a back door created without the knowledge of users who have installed a utility for control via the SSH command line, without changing for the standard password.

Once infected the Ikee worm replaces the iPhone background image chosen by the user with a photograph of the singer Rick Astley, famous in the 80s for the song "Never Gonna Give You Up", at the same time displaying the message "ikee is never gonna give you up ", basically ikee will never abandon you. At this point the worm closes the SSH terminal and searches for other iPhones to be infected. The worm does not cause any type of damage and does not capture the user's personal information. In addition to the Forbes reports, the spread of the worm has also been taken into consideration by the specialized security companies Sophos and F-Secure.

Although practically harmless ikee, experts warn users to be on the alert because the same technique could soon be used by pirates and crackers with modifications that make it much more dangerous. Recall that just a few days ago a young Dutch hacker exploited the same flaw, hence deafault's SSH password, to display a ransom message on the iPhones of several Dutch users. Once discovered and identified, the hacker returned the money received and published how to close the flaw in his iPhone. In the case of ikee Techworld indicates the author in the 21 year old Australian Ashley Towns who created the worm without the knowledge of the identical solution of the Dutch hacker, and in any case without any intention of making money or causing damage.

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