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The first in line for iPad is Greg Packer, a waiting professional

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In New York, a row has already been created in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store to buy iPads. Starting in the early hours of this morning, NY time, Greg Packer stood in front of the store entrance and patiently waited for a disproportionate number of hours until Saturday morning. Packer a very well-known face of the "sector", a true professional in the queue who, thanks to his constancy appeared dozens of times on TV, newspaper article, Web pages and even managed to exchange a chat with at least three presidents of the United States even if his The main undertaking was and remains to have been the first to put itself on hold to buy an iPhone.

Now, with the arrival of the iPad, Greg (former employee of a construction company and now retired), has decided to do the business again: same gadget manufacturer, Apple, and same scenario, shop on the Fifth Street in New York. To notice the professional of the row greg

was a tourist who equipped with a video camera did not resist the temptation to interview him. This time Greg hasn't uttered one of his famous phrases that the media likes to report. He only complained a little about the cold and said he absolutely wanted an iPad first, because he plans to replace the laptop for us. The professional of the queues without a doubt endowed with patience and willpower but did not seem to be, at least on this occasion, the right spirit to make people talk about himself, as he did on other occasions.

But despite this, at least the first of the objectives is a certain thing: anyone who is in New York and will buy iPad in the Fifth Avenue shop will have to queue up behind Greg Packer. This also applies to Macitynet reporters who are completing the final preparations for the trip in these moments.

In the photo above: Greg framed on YouTube in "savings" mode with only text inaugurated to celebrate April 1st.