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The first images of the X-Box.

The first images of the X-Box. logomacitynet1200wide 1

It's called XBOX365 and it is a news site for the community that anxiously awaits the console of Microsoft, for roads that do not show us they came into possession of what they call the "X7 prototype".

We don't know if this site is providing us with real data, so take it for what it is, an indiscretion.

The console will be in its basic chrome-colored version, but will also be sold in other colors (including black and neon); the controller ports will be positioned on the back so as to be directly positioned on the motherboard; maybe there will be a port for a Microsoft (optional) device for voice recognition; the controller memories will be of the CompactFlash species; to save, the functions of TV recorder on the hard disc (on a second optional hard disc with functions like ReplayTV or TiVo) with 8 or 13 Gb (depending on Microsoft decisions) have been excluded from the basic supply but are optional on one expansion slot; a special MS codec will work for the DVD.

No support for Sony's MemorySticks (obviously Microsoft is not looking for any integration with the Playstation house) but probably for SmartMedia and CompactFlash.

Seagate will soon announce the non-exclusive supply of some parts (presumably hard disks of the "U" series) for X-Box that already boasts Intel and nVidia among the companies that collaborate in the realization of this console.

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