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The first email at 11,000 meters left. Updated.

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The first email at 11,000 meters left. Updated. –

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We will not recapitulate you again what Connexion by Boeing is, we will limit ourselves to signaling the previous article which dealt with the matter and from which we can draw the necessary documentation. This time we testify the passage from the test phase to the forthcoming introduction of the commercial service hi-speed internet connection on scheduled flights.The German airline Lufthansa, from the beginning Boeing partner for the Connexion solution, was able to realize, a couple of weeks ago, on one of its Boeing 747-400, to be precise the "Sachsen-Anhalt" by D-ABTE, the first e-mail shipment that confirms the perfect functionality of the high-speed fast connection. On flight LH 0418 between Frankfurt and Washington (and return LH 0419) it will be possible, from 15 January and for three months, free use of FlyNet (this is the commercial name decided by Lufthansa), by connecting any laptop or owned by travelers or rented by the pioneer Luftha nsa, after this period, the service will cost $ 30 per flight. On the side, we take this opportunity to report that SAS – Scandinavian Airlines System has also just chosen Connexion as the web method for its flights (initially on eleven long-haul aircraft). the news just read, dating back to the end of November 2002, it is known in these hours that the technical equipment that Lufthansa will make available (for rent) on the aircraft equipped with the FlyNet service will consist of fifty Fujitsu Siemens laptops, Lifebook S6010 model with wireless connection. It is specified that for security reasons "all information stored on laptops will be deleted on the next restart".

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