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The firewire of the iMac G4 and AD Formac converters: a question of power?

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The firewire of the iMac G4 and Formac AD converters: a question of power? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Paolo Veronesi writes: "Happy owner of an iMac Dv + and a fantastic Formac Studio, I decide to sell the iMac to buy the new one with SuperDrive.

As soon as I arrive I connect my Zip 250 Usb with FireWire adapter and the Formac Studio. After a few seconds I hear a kind of "bzz" coming from the Studio and the operating LEDs appear just lit. I notice that the board has failed (the audio input L no longer works and the other channel feels bad). the card to the Italian Lead distributor (from which I bought it) which in turn sends it to Formac Germany. After about a month I get the return card but I realize that, even if the audio sounds good now, the images they go jerky and every now and then the audio icon disappears from the control strip, and when working with iMovie sometimes (every 5-10 sec) the writing that the camera is not connected appears.

I immediately get in touch with Formac Germany and through email contacts with Mr. Jens Remer I learn that, perhaps, on the new iMac G4 / 800 there is a Firewire standard different from the other Macs as from his following email:

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