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The father of Word and Excel leaves Redmond

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After more than 20 years, Charles Simonyi, the father of Word, leaves Microsoft.

The announcement came yesterday when Charles Simonyi, together with Gregor Kiczales, announced the founding of the ISC – Intentional Software Corporation, a company that will produce software.

Charles Simonyi was Chief Architect at Microsoft from 1981 to 1991, forming the development teams of many legendary applications, such as Word, Excel and Multiplan. Over the past decade, however, he had held various positions in Microsoft Research focusing on Intentional Programming.

Prior to his Microsoft career, Simonyi had worked at Xerox's well-known PARC developing the first WYSIWYG editor. Also from Xerox comes Gregor Kiczales

Bill Gates did not fail to send his best wishes to his pupil, also because Microsoft, which will have a sort of first choice right on ISC projects, will be granted the best projects.