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The era of iPhone magazines has arrived (in the US)

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Americans like to play and experiment with different business models and technologies, and above all they have stopped saying that there is a crisis for the press and they are trying to do something to find corrective measures and solutions to the problem instead of debates and consultation tables. For this reason, now we are witnessing an innovation of new magazines in mini format, which go on the small (but super-defined and interactive) screen of the iPhone.

Thinking about it, it was logical: the iPhone constantly connected to the Internet, intuitive to use as a multi-touch interface, equipped with an independent payment center that the iTunes account. So, what better way to start a series of micro-payments with the purpose of new editorial products, maybe even multimedia ones?

In recent months we have witnessed the landing of comics: from digital versions of prequel comics of films (such as JJ Abrams' Star Trek) to fake-manga and more performative ones. Still, half of a thousand different free books have landed, in reality simple texts that are not copyrighted and encapsulated in disposable applications for reading (always in English but also in Italian). This was followed by software that allows you to browse magazines and entire books. Starting from those made by Amazon (Kindle for those with a US iPhone account) and Barnes & Noble, in addition to the inevitable Room, which is free and more flexible.

But other things have also arrived: ScrollMotion has created its own player for books and magazines and newspapers, as they explain here by presenting Iceberg Reader. And in addition, dozens of mini-newspapers and mini-magazines that are minimal, creative, innovative, flexible and repaginable on the iPhone mini-screen have come up: Seventeen Fashion Finder but also McSweeney's, Runner's World, the digital version of the legendary Sport Illustrated dedicated to swimwear, the numerous interactive sports applications, created especially by the Espn sports network, and others to follow.

It is not clear whether the model will be to have single applications as regards individual publishers or individual newspapers, or large aggregators or other models. Certainly, all this energy that is put into play still not perceived in our parts, where only a few editorial groups have moved and somewhat messed up.