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The end of a discussed love?

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The end of a discussed love? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to one of the most authoritative (and old) online magazines dedicated to the Mac, Tidbits, the ways in which the Internet Explorer 5.2 update was released could be the first sign of Apple's new strategy towards Microsoft. considering that the update of IE not available through Software Update (like the previous ones), Tidbits suspects that it is the first step, after the announcement of the compatibility between iChat and Aol, for a "cooling" in relations with Microsoft.

Recall that over the past few weeks rumors have intensified that Apple, by virtue of the conclusion of the five-year agreement with Microsoft, may decide to make a less exclusive choice on the browser front. Even some sites dedicated to indiscretions have hypothesized the launch of a proprietary navigator (baptized with little imagination iBrowser). At the base of this new browser there could be Mozilla, the Open Source implementation of Navigator, or alternatively another product already (almost) ready as Chimera.

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