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The Economist: from the book of the prophet Jobs

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The Economist: from the book of the prophet Jobs – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steve Jobs portrayed smiling with a solar halo, while dressed in a tunic that makes him very similar to a spiritual father, presents iPad to the world. This is the original cover that The Economist dedicates to the founder of Apple and its latest creation, the re-invention of the tablet computer. The illustrious economic weekly dedicates an interesting article to the iPad in which the latest great promise bearing the Apple logo is analyzed.

After first introducing the graphical interface into a computer useful for people, after revolutionizing the players and the music market with iPod and iTunes and after re-inventing smartphones with iPhone, now the charismatic Steve Jobs according to The Economist and Cupertino's hotbed of innovations are planning to revolutionize three key sectors in one fell swoop. Once again that of computing, introducing the first real tablet that is easy and useful for people to use, bringing a breath of fresh air in the publishing sector that languishes by storm on the Web, finally once again that of telecommunications. Not yet fully recovered from the iPhone shock, now mobile companies must move to include iPad in their offers with the new micro SIM and ad hoc data plans.

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