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The discount is good for the X-BOX

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The discount is good for the X-BOX – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The price cut seems to have done well at the X-BOX, at least in Europe. The console of Microsoft, in fact, according to some data reported by the same company of Redmond has reached almost 50% of the market share of the sector in the three most relevant countries of the old continent: France, Germany and England. In addition to this it seems to be fine , according to Microsoft, the gaming market. Whoever buys an X-BOX also buys numerous titles; currently the average of the packages sold for each X-BOX of 3.7. Note that 88% of console users also own Halo. Recall that Halo, also heavily advertised on our country's televisions, was developed by Bungie and that his first public appearance took place almost three years ago, at the Macworld Expo in New York. Back then, Bungie was an independent company, now a division of Microsoft and the Mac version has not yet been released, and there is no news on the date of its presentation. Independent sources confirm that the cut to the list price operated by Microsoft and estimated at 38% in the market euro, actually boosted sales.

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