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The direct Facebooks arrive in virtual reality, on Spaces

Streaming arrives on Spaces, the virtual social for Oculus Rift: comments on live broadcasts in virtual reality will be graspable as signs

(Photo: Facebook)(Photo: Facebook)

Direct, direct Facebook, direct everywhere. They could not miss in the virtual reality space of the Colo di Palo Alto, and therefore, here they are. From today, those in possession of Oculus Rift will be able to perform a live directly inside Spaces, what Zuckerberg himself had called the "First virtual social product".

To do this, you need to access the virtual space in search of an instrument that resembles a tablet and that bears the inscription "Go Live". From that moment, the live virtual reality will appear on your profile and then in the News Feed of friends and contacts who follow him. For the rest, all the same: the viewer can send Reaction as in a normal direct, with one difference: these will float across the virtual reality space. Even the comments will be "graspable": the protagonist of the live broadcast will be able to take one and move it wherever he prefers, as if it were a sign.

What inspired the virtual social staff to introduce live streaming was the transition fromMessenger Video Calling, a feature that allows you to make calls within Spaces. Live broadcasts that same possibility, allowing you to engage multiple people at once, he explainsexplains Mike Booth, Product Manager. The company's goal, in fact, to bring virtual reality to everyone.


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