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The Digital Image believes in Apple innovations.

The recognition continues to FireWire which, with the i-Link brand, as it was renamed by the Japanese giant Sony, is present on the vast majority of all video cameras on the market.

New born in the Sony house are the GV-D200 and GV-D800, two light models of VideoWalkman, or rather small Video8 video recorders. In addition to IEEE 1394, there is also S-Video and IO video / composite audio. The 800 model has a 4 ? color LCD display, active matrix and stereo speakers. They will be available in November at 700 and 900 dollars.

From Kodak Professional a maximum weight: DCS Pro Back. Just mention the 16 MegaPixel of the sensor (4K-by-4K ITO), 4080 x 4080 resolution (illustrated in the image alongside a normal consumer CCD), the photographed images that can "weigh" up to 48 Mb each (maximum 8 ), 90-degree tilting color LCD with the possibility of viewing histograms, 1: 1 zoom, double slot for two CompactFlash cards and, of course, FireWire to understand what class of camera we are talking about. The supplied software "DCS Capture Studio 1.5" has fundamental functions for photographers and is currently available only for Mac (for once), at Kodak they say that, perhaps, in the future they will also develop the Win version. It will be available in the early months of 2001 at a price that is not yet known, but imaginable rather high (in absolute values).