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The Digital Hub takes flight with the new iBook.

The Digital Hub takes flight with the new iBook. logomacitynet1200wide 1

How many of you, after a few minutes from the departure of an airplane or a train, saw a laptop, beautiful (Mac) or ugly (PC) that was taken from the neighbor, and started to observe the windows that opened on the The "iBook Middle seat" commercial tells of an identical situation but the laptop is no longer alone but surrounded by a series of accessories and digital peripherals. The scene begins in a normal airport with a young student with a classic backpacker who she asks for a place not at the window or in the corridor but in the middle of the row (middle seat) leaving the receptionist amazed. The reason for this choice is easily understood with the following scene: as soon as it is possible to release the seat belts safety our brave opens all the tables and "sets" them with his new iBook (very small compared to the table – and this is a message), a Prism PDA by Handspring with relative USB cradle, a Canon Digital IXUS Digital Camera, a Canon Camcorder (connected in a moment) and a set of CDs … all to edit the video starring his girlfriend and a nice dog. To the skeptical lady that ours woke up with the opening of the table some full-screen scenes are shown, and this expresses its opinion also on some scenes to be inserted or not … Then the other neighbor wakes up and, being on his table all those CDs begin to scroll through them titles: our digital traveler asks him the song of a CD and 'of his liking and … removing the headphone jack from his iBook can wake up all the sleepy passengers of the plane …

The protagonist is a young boy, the right target for the attractive price of the laptop, a subject who loves to joke, smile and enjoy all the technological wonders, also to give vent to his creative possibilities.

What to say? These are the advertisements we like. Examples of concrete life, prefigurations of the Digital Lifestyle that many (like your editors) have already been experimenting for some time in their travels, but which will increasingly allow computer and Mac users in particular to carry complete and easy solutions with them to be used for work, for fun and to keep the attention of the most distracted consumers awake.

Obviously you can download the quicktime of the spot directly from the Apple website, enjoy it and show it to friends?.

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